Hand Surgery & Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, Golden CO

Christopher Fender, MD and Seth TeBockhorst, MS, MD

Precision Plastic and Hand Surgery was established in 2013 and is committed to providing patients with outstanding care in a comfortable and convenient setting. Our professional staff is dedicated to helping patients arrive at the correct diagnosis, understand treatment options, and recover well from surgery when it is needed.

Christopher Fender, MD is a Diplomate of the American Board of Plastic Surgery, holds a Subspecialty Certificate in Surgery of the Hand, and is a Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon. His interests include caring for patients with skin cancers, and the full range of problems affecting the hand and wrist.

Seth TeBockhorst, MS, MD is passionate about hand and reconstructive surgery. He has graduate degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Physiology and has completed training in General and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, with additional subspecialty training in Hand and Microvascular Surgery. His interests include fractures of the hand and wrist, tendon injuries, peripheral nerve surgery, and reconstruction of the upper and lower extremities.

Dr. Fender and Dr. TeBockhorst have a true passion for what they do and enjoy the challenge and satisfaction provided by restoring the intricate and pain-free form of the hand and wrist that is so critical in their patients’ lives. We also care for patients with industrial injuries and have full knowledge of Colorado’s Workers’ Compensation System.

For patients with upper extremity conditions, Drs. Fender and TeBockhorst are pleased to work closely with occupational and certified hand therapist, Cara Kellstom. Cara is able to see patients in conjunction with Drs. Fender and TeBockhorst, facilitating formulation of a personalized rehabilitation plan for each patient. This level of convenience, communication and personalized attention sets our office apart from other offices. It also allows us to schedule follow-up appointments for each provider at one time, minimizing a patient’s time spent out of work or school.

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